Stucco repair and painting

Stucco repair and painting

Unfortunately, not every building material is made perfect and has some downfalls. A common issue with using stucco is that it often becomes chipped or even cracked in some areas on or in your home. Often times a home that has just been built will have cracked stucco because of the shrinking of the lumber that was used to frame the home. For a new homeowner, this can be quite a frustrating experience – after all, you just go the house!

Thankfully, with a little skill and know-how, stucco repairs can be completed quickly. At Eco Painting Plus., our experienced Ottawa painting contractors at Stucco repair and painting are experts In Stucco repair and Painting, whether the stucco on your walls is cracked, chipped or has an unsightly hole in it.

If your stucco is in need of repairs, be sure to contact us as soon as you notice the damage. If left unattended, the exposed area can expand the damage by loosening the surrounding stucco. Therefore, it is important to tend to stucco repairs quickly.
Keep in mind that repairing cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged stucco in a manner that matches the rest of the texture on your walls is very difficult to accomplish. It takes expertise and talent to texturize stucco and blend it seamlessly into the rest of the surface. Stucco that has not been properly repaired tends to crack and chip again, causing further damage to your walls and your wallet.

Save yourself the time and frustration of dealing with stucco repairs, and contact Eco Painting Plus and Services, your trusted Ottawa painting contractor, for quality stucco patching services that last! Our crew has the ability to match the texture and consistency of your walls in a manner that looks flawless. Contact us today for a free quote.
Eco Painting Plus and Services. Is a licensed Ontario Painting company with over many years of experience.
Our goal is to provide our customers with quality painting services, including stucco patching, that produce results that look better and last longer. When you hire us, you can expect on time professionalism and quality work at an excellent value.

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