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Our interior painting Services Is Committed to provide a wide range of painting services to meet all your requirements and ensure all types of interior painting is completed to our high standards.
We take the time to understand the specific requirements of your interior painting job
Careful preparation and professional application reduces the need to re-paint your interiors as often.

Our professional Painters and contractors have the skill and knowledge to complete all those hard to reach jobs. Whether you’re freshening up an office or a commercial space
Eco Painting Plus offers the best products and materials, premiums, as well as low VOC (Volatile organic compound) we recommend and supply the product best suited for your interior painting projects. Our skilled interior painting contractors have the extensive knowledge of materials and applications it takes to deliver a flawless finish.
At a per-scheduled time, an application Services provider will visit you to discuss the project, and duration of the project suitable to your time and budget during this visit; you will also be provided with an estimate for the project.
Your painting project will take place at a designated date that is convenient for you. At all times, your Services provider will maintain a safe work site and ensure a thorough cleanup. Once your project is complete, your provider will meet with you to confirm your satisfaction
Upon completion all touch-up paints will be dated, labeled, and left with you for future reference.

Please call our office today at :   (613) 627-2525  for more information and a free estimate.