Pressure Washing


At Eco Painting Plus and Services We provide pressure washing solutions for residential homes and commercial business. We take extra care of washing your home, by first removing things around your home that could get damaged, like wind chimes, patio furniture, kids toys and the like. We will use a wide tip on our sprayer so we do not damage your paint or siding. Not only will we clean your home but we can rinse down your patios, sidewalks, and or drive ways Cleaning wooden decks, fences, vinyl siding and removing oil, grease and salt deposits from concrete, brick and masonry work. To give your home the fresh look you deserve.
For our commercial clients First impressions are very important in business. Keeping your property clean of dirt, dust and cobwebs is important to the sharp look you want to portray to your customers. Call our office to schedule a free estimate. Contact us for a non -obligation estimate. (613) 627 2525