Exterior Caulking Replacement

Exterior Caulking Replacement

We at Eco Painting Plus and Services are specializing in providing a wide range of Exterior Caulking Replacement and sealing and waterproofing solutions

Our team performs work within the entire Ottawa and surrounding areas

Caulking is necessary on the exterior of your Ottawa home. It will aid in preventing moisture from entering the substrate and causing premature paint failure.

We remove the old Exterior caulking completely
Pack gaps and then re-caulk.

Our caulking is provided in a variety
of colours. 54 to be exact.We use Dow Corning silicone.•

  • Exterior WINDOWS AND DOORS Openings

This begins with

• 1- the removal of your existing caulking.

• 2- We use Backer rod to ensure that all gaps are insulated

• 3- we inspect as proper amount of caulking is applied

  • Soffit

Protecting your home from Birds, mice, bees, Wasps and black flies problems by caulking the soffit area completely to result Reduceing intruders
Best time to get the work preformed is winter time.
Less activities of pests.


  • we apply our caulking application to Exterior Caulk Areas such as

Expansion Joints
Vents & Pipes
Control/Expansion Joints

  • Contact us for a non -obligation estimate. (613) 627 2525