Eco friendly Paint Products Application

Eco friendly Painters In Ottawa

Eco friendly Paint Product application  In Ottawa


Eco friendly Paint Products Application In Ottawa

Eco Painting Plus-friendly and green painting services  Ottawa and surrounding communities.

We at Eco Painting Plus, providing a healthy environment is vital for Our Ottawa healthcare and residential customers using-Eco friendly Paint Products application . Traditional paints contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals that seep out over time into the air. Studies have shown that these chemicals have health damaging effects, causing chronic illness, nausea and respiratory issues. Free of VOCs, odors and toxic chemicals, Air Pure Paints ensure the best air quality for health and well-being.
Rooms painted with traditional products need to be ventilated for at least 72 hours before use to allow initial high levels of solvents and harmful chemicals to dissipate. Since the Paint Product We use do not contain toxic chemicals or solvents found in traditional paints, facilities can be returned to service in shorter time, improving efficiency.
We use Eco friendly Paint Products , the Environmentally friendly Special Products begins the process of filtering harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and glycol from the air as soon as is dry, improving its quality and reducing common health effects associated with traditional paints. As a result, patients, residents and employees can all breathe easier,


Contaminants can destroy research and invalidate results. When subjects, or experiments are sensitive to even trace amounts of the VOCs, solvents and toxic chemicals which off gas from traditional paints, findings can be affected and false conclusions reached.
Our Paint Products On hand do not contain the harmful chemicals found in traditional paints, so they cannot leach out into the air. Thereafter, with its filtration performance, the product we use are continually scrub the air, removing common pollutants such as formaldehyde, glycol and toluene.
As a result, indoor air quality is improved and the environment safer – ideal for conducting research which needs clean room purity. Air Pure Paints, science helping scientists.

Whether you are interested in green interior painting or green exterior painting, our Eco friendly painters in Ottawa can provide the beauty and durability you desire using products that are safer for both you and the environment.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with safe and environmentally responsible painting solutions.

We use environmentally preferable green painting products, and systems.

Eco Painting Systems provides green painting services to customers in a variety of industries.

Since 2004, our painting professionals have offered the highest quality painting services, coupled with professionalism and a focus on customer service.

We are proud to offer green painting options for those interested in non-toxic paints and finishes. Choose from green painting products that contain Zero-VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ultra-Zero-VOCs or even zero-VOCs, as well as low odor painting supplies. In addition to green paint choices, we offer the option of selecting Eco-friendly stains, finishes and solvents. Our green painting experts also employ environmentally responsible painting methods, as well as Eco-friendly cleaning and disposal strategies.


Eco Painting Plus green painting services are a great option for just about any location within a home or business. Eco-friendly paint and painting techniques are especially beneficial for any room in which people spend a lot of time.

Using Eco-friendly paint in a baby’s room or young child’s room is one of the best ways

Eco Friendly Painters In Ottawa

Eco Friendly Painters In Ottawa to ensure that your precious little one is not exposed to any of the potentially harmful chemicals or gasses that exist in traditional painting products. Even if you have never given a second thought to the effects that paint or other wall coverings have on the air quality within your home, it is important to realize that you, a baby or young child may be more vulnerable to their negative effects. That’s why more and more parents are selecting green paint products and hiring experienced green painters in Ottawa for nurseries and babies’ and children’s bedrooms.

Eco Painting Plus always uses only the finest paints and finishes for your painting project. From durable and long lasting exterior painting to intricate and detailed interior painting, we work with each customer to provide the look that they desire coupled with a professional quality finish that lasts.

When you select green interior paints or green exterior paints or finishes, you can rest assured that not only does your home or business look great, but the materials used to get it looking that way are better for you, your family or employees, and the environment. Green painting products release fewer carcinogens, toxic chemicals and odor.

At Eco Painting Plus, we keep your home or business looking fresh, protected and – with the addition of more environmentally responsible products and techniques – safer.

If you are looking for high quality green painting services, call Eco Painting Plus at. (613)627-2525