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Painting Medical Offices – Maintenance Services

 Painting Medical Offices Maintenance Services For Ottawa and Surrounding Areas.

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Painting Medical Offices – Maintenance Services

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We at Eco Painting Plus, providing a healthy environment is vital for Our Ottawa healthcare and residential customers. Traditional paints contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals that seep out over time into the air. Studies have shown that these chemicals have health damaging effects, causing chronic illness, nausea and respiratory issues. Free of VOCs, odors and toxic chemicals, Air Pure Paints ensure the best air quality for health and well-being.
Rooms painted with traditional products need to be ventilated for at least 72 hours before use to allow initial high levels of solvents and harmful chemicals to dissipate. Since the Paint Product We use do not contain toxic chemicals or solvents found in traditional paints, facilities can be returned to service in shorter time, improving efficiency.
On Painting Medical Offices Maintenance Services  The product we use, begins the process of filtering harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and glycol from the air as soon as is dry, improving its quality and reducing common health effects associated with traditional paints. As a result, patients, residents and employees can all breathe easier,

Zero Contamination

Contaminants can destroy research and invalidate results. When subjects, or experiments are sensitive to even trace amounts of the VOCs, solvents and toxic chemicals which off gas from traditional paints, findings can be affected and false conclusions reached.
Our Paint Products On hand do not contain the harmful chemicals found in traditional paints, so they cannot leach out into the air. Thereafter, with its filtration performance, the product we use are continually scrub the air, removing common pollutants such as formaldehyde, glycol and toluene.
As a result, indoor air quality is improved and the environment safer – ideal for conducting research which needs clean room purity. Air Pure Paints, science helping scientists.

At, Eco Painting Plus we pride ourselves in taking great care of your Painting Medical Offices Maintenance Services .

We coordinate with administrators and staff to prevent any disruption in the daily routines of your medical patients and staff. Expect an above average painting job performed by professional commercial painters.

During a painting project in a medical establishment, the presence of paint fumes and odors often makes patients and staff uncomfortable. This an issue Eco Painting Plus takes very seriously. We are prepared to utilize today’s technology in low odor paint to make the project easy for everyone.
Our quality painting crews meet with you to plan your project accordingly and minimize disruption to your patients and personnel. We understand your high demand for safety and security. In addition to our painters’ special care and attention to operate in a clean, orderly fashion, our crews are equipped with ecological paints and special tools to eliminate risks for your patients. Your medical offices and hospitals deserve more than what your average local painter can offer. Call Eco Painting Plus for an above average job that won’t disrupt your patients and staff.

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Ottawa Commercial Painting for Medical -Dental Offices

When you offer your clients medical services, you know the importance of precision, tidiness, communication and personalized care. While commercial painting is not as high-stakes as the work you do, we value those exact same traits in our line of work Eco Painting Plus provides quality painting for doctor’s offices, hospitals and other medical facilities in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
Commercial Painting:
Painting doctors’ offices in Ottawa and the surrounding areas
Straight lines and clean surfaces give your medical facility the appearance of professionalism and cleanliness that your clients want to see.

At Eco Painting Plus, we use precise methods to achieve correct results, including clean lines, sharp borders and even coloration.

We also do drywall and plaster repair to help you recover from those dents and scrapes that mar the appearance of your walls. We are clean and tidy Commercial Painters.

When it comes to painting medical buildings, we know that tidiness is a virtue. Whether we work while you are closed or during your normal operational hours, we keep our work areas orderly and unobtrusive. We clean up after ourselves to avoid causing any complications or inconvenience in your operation. We can also schedule our work and coordinate our efforts to work during your closed times or off-peak hours. Your work is important, and we’ll stay out of your way!
Personalized Care in Commercial Painting

Every job is different, so we don’t approach commercial painting with a “one-size-fits-all” mindset. Just like you do with your patients, we take the time to get to know you and your needs, and we orchestrate our services to fit your specifications.

Our project managers are skilled in coordinating multistage and complex painting jobs. Throughout each job we emphasize communication so that everyone works together with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of hassle.
A Commercial Painter for Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Eco Painting Plus has been in continuous operation since 2004 earning a reputation for excellent customer service and painting results. We paint, doctor’s offices and all kinds of medical facilities in Ottawa and surrounding communities.

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