Painting for Ottawa Properties Management

painting for Ottawa properties management Eco Painting Plus will visit your Ottawa property 
and meet with your corporation's delegate to discuss the vision, needs and requirements of your
Condominium Corporation, and provide a detailed comprehensive proposal to provide you with a 
professional Painting And Janitorial team dedicated to excellence and to suit your time and budget needs.

Home ownership is an exciting and rewarding experience, and we are here to make sure that everything about your painting project runs as smoothly and as trouble-free as possible.

  • When painting for Ottawa properties¬† management and condominium building maintenance, some basic criteria needs to be met.

The work needs to be completed in a timely fashion and by trained commercial painters. Having painters working in hallways, stairways or painting apartments is inconvenient. The sooner it gets completed the better it is for the residents. Using reputable painters that have experience working with Property Management is invaluable. This level of peace of mind, a property manager understands all too well. Last but certainly not least these days, a painting contractor needs to be Eco-friendly, environmentally responsible and knowledgeable about the latest paints and coatings.

  • Fast and efficient Painting for Ottawa Properties Management

We are focused and dedicated Project Painting Company offering services to all residential real estate properties, specializing in the Painting of condominiums. Whether your property is a newly build condominium or one that has been built for many years, there is no doubt that issues, questions and concerns regarding the property and condominium home-ownership will arise. It is our job to ensure that your building is painted competently and efficiently, so that you as the homeowner will have an exceptional condo life experience.
At Ottawa Eco Painting Plus, our mission is to provide you with excellent service and overall homeowner satisfaction. Our team personnel are carefully selected and trained to perform high standard of excellence services. Our goal is to create and maintain a good relationship between tenants, unit owners, and the management team, and to act as a helpful liaison between the residents and Board of Directors. We know that these relationships are vital to a building’s success, and are attainable through responsible, friendly and professional management personnel.
Eco Painting Plus employees comprised of skilled professionals specially trained to estimate a realistic and workable annual budget. This training includes careful understanding of the annual budget and how to maintain and improve a building’s value while, with the aid of the Board of Directors, ensuring that both the life of the building and the happiness of its residents are upheld.

  • Landlords ¬†Property Managers maintenance Repair Painting
    24 Hour Turn-Around Service Guarantee

Our commitment to you, the property manager, is to provide you with a very cost effective and hassle-free service. Time is money when you’re trying to service and rent all your rental units, and you’re getting that call from the owner wanting to know why he is losing rental income. As you experience our service you will see that one call or e-mail will start a process you can depend on time after time. The only times you will need to spend with us is to hand us the keys, and receive them back the next day, with a completely painted rental unit.
We also provide the same reliable and cost-effective service for rental houses both interior and exteriors upon request.
Let us provide you a quote and you will receive the same quality products and services we provide all our residential customers along with our knowledge that rental property is income producing property to the owner and cost is always a concern.

At Eco Painting Plus we only use top quality paints Eco friendly products, such as Sherwin Williams, Glidden , Benjamin More , and other major brands. We do not use a contractor paint brand as they will not give you a quality long-lasting finish. In most cases, these contractor grade paints will only last a year or so.
Eco Painting Plus is an experienced painting contractor. We have completed a variety of Interior and Exterior projects in the national capital region and surrounding areas.


  • Painting of apartment rental units for Ottawa Properties Management
    Common areas, doors and hallways in apartment and condominium buildings
    Stairways, railing and floor finishing for Ottawa Properties Management
    Plaster and drywall repair and replacement for Ottawa Properties Management
    Wallpaper and vinyl removal and repair of walls for Ottawa Properties Management
    Exterior balcony work, railing and garage doors for Ottawa Properties Management
    Painting and decorating of Lobby and elevator areas for Ottawa Properties Management
    Painting of Elevator doors for Ottawa Properties Management
    Underground parking painting for Ottawa Properties Management

Are you a property manager or a building owner looking for painters in Ottawa and the surrounding areas ?
We are available to offer you our professional painting services.

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